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Doing business with the Embassy
  • Announcement 1

Enclosed is a Request for Quotations (RFQ) for janitorial services.  We would like to do a walkthrough on 09/15/2014.   Please contact if you are interested.  See the attached solicitation.

  • Announcement 2

The US Embassy in Nouakchott is requesting quotes to paint 35 SUV type vehicles white and 14 SUV type vehicles black.  The painting must use the oven bake technique.  Please contact if you are interested.

  • Announcement 3

    The American Embassy in Nouakchott-Mauritania  is looking for contractor that can accomplish the sewage system repair project as indicated in the attached document.
    Sewage System Repair Project

    Project No 2014-005
  • Announcement 4

    The American Embassy Nouakchott Mauritania  is looking for contractor that can accomplish the perimeter wall repair project as indicated in the attached document
    Perimeter wall Repair Project 
    Project No 2014-003

  •  Announcement 5
    The American Embassy in Nouakchott-Mauritania is looking for contractors that can accomplish following projects.
    Please provide your full company name, POC and telephone number to no later than 08/25/2014 , at 11:00 AM if you want to participate in the pre-bids conference. See attached statement of works [pdf 212KB].

    2014-002 Tennis Court Repairs
    pre-bids meeting 08/25/2014
    2014-006 GSO Parking Lot Improvements pre-bids meeting 08/26/2014
    2014-007 Warehouse Parking Lot & Path Paving pre-bids meeting 08/26/2014
    2014-008 Compound RR Ventilation pre-bids meeting 08/25/2014
    2014-010 Community Pool Repairs pre-bids meeting 08/27/2014
    2014-012 Welding Shop Concrete Repairs pre-bids meeting 08/27/2014
    2014-013 Generator Fuel Pump Replacement pre-bids meeting 08/25/2014
    2014-019 CMR Kitchen Renovation pre-bids meeting 08/27/2014
    2014-023 Main Gym Shower Area pre-bids meeting 08/27/2014
    2014-026 Employee Parking Lot pre-bids meeting 08/26/2014
    2014-027 Overflow Parking Lot pre-bids meeting 08/26/2014
    2014-030 OBX Restrooms pre-bids meeting 08/27/2014
    2014-033 Chancery Lobby Casework pre-bids meeting 08/28/2014
    2014-034 CMR Pool House Repairs pre-bids meeting 08/28/2014
    2014-035 Marine Septic Tank System pre-bids meeting 08/27/2014
    2014-036 Marine Swimming Pool Repairs pre-bids meeting 08/27/2014
    2014-037 Marine Basketball Court pre-bids meeting 08/27/2014
  • Announcement 6

The American Embassy in Nouakchott is looking for a contractor that can provide  and  deliver 2 SUV vehicles to the U.S. Embassy in Nouakchott -Mauritania no later than September the 19, 2014.  For vehicles specifications see attached RFQ

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    U.S. Embassy in Nouakchott, Mauritania
    Phone: 222-4525-2660 or 2663
    Fax: 222-4525-1592
    Street Address:  288, rue 42-100, (rue Abdallaye)
    Mailing Address: BP 222, Nouakchott, Mauritania
    Email Address:

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