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Embassy Public Affairs Office

The Public Affairs Section is responsible for the public diplomacy programs and activities of the Embassy.  It is the primary point of contact for information about the U.S. and mission affairs, manages the Embassy’s educational, professional exchange, and cultural programs, and maintains the Embassy websites in English, French, and Arabic.  In fulfilling these roles, it explains and advocates USG policies and seeks to promote understanding of American culture, society and values.

The Public Affairs Section responds to press inquiries, organizes media coverage of Embassy and U.S. government programs, activities, and initiatives, and conducts outreach to a broad and diverse range of interest groups as well as the Mauritanian public at large.  It accomplishes its outreach mission through a wide variety of means such as guest speakers, seminars, workshops, interviews, and American Corners.

Educational and professional exchange programs administered by PAS, such as the Fulbright Program, Humphrey Fellowship, and the International Visitor Leadership Program, provide selected participants the opportunity to study in the United States or meet and confer with professional counterparts and experience the U.S. first-hand.  PAS also oversees programs that allow American scholars, teachers, and professionals to come to Mauritania in exchanges that make use of their professional interests and expertise.

Alumni of Embassy-sponsored exchange programs receive continuing support through the Alumni Association to help them implement the concepts they explored during their exchange experience.  An alumni website enhances the exchange experience.

Students interested in studying in the U.S. may consult with the Educational and Cultural Programs assistant

Cultural programs that highlight American society and achievements feature world-renowned artists, experts, and athletes who visit Mauritania to promote understanding of America and cross-cultural communication.

English language programs support and promote English, including a wide range of programs to train and support teachers of English, organized by Regional English Language Officers.

The Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation assists countries in preserving their cultural heritage and demonstrates U.S. respect for other cultures.  Funded projects preserve historic sites and manuscripts, museum collections, and traditional forms of music, dance, and language.

Contact Information

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    U.S. Embassy in Nouakchott, Mauritania
    Phone: 222-4525-2660 or 2663
    Fax: 222-4525-1592
    Street Address:  288, rue 42-100, (rue Abdallaye)
    Mailing Address: BP 222, Nouakchott, Mauritania
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